We left ATL (Atlanta) on 3/14/2016, the day after changing the clocks an hour ahead. Driving west, we realized the time zone changed, and by entering the Mountain time zone, we regained the hour we lost.  Driving practically all night, and then watching the sun rise above the horizon, we made our way to a Waffle House by the highway.  We brushed our teeth and freshened up in their bathroom before the food arrived.  Our next stop was to going to be Oklahoma City, a little less than 300 miles/approx 5hours away.  Getting that hour back, we could take our time getting there.  IMG_20160315_092711 Bellies full, Owen and I asked our waitress what kind of sites the area had to offer.  She suggested Petit Jean State Park  approximately 15minutes’ drive away and when she mentioned the word “free” our ears perked up.  Whatever’s our there, it’s worth the look.  We had no idea what we were in for.  Halfway through our drive, our ears started to pop.  Following a sign for an “overlook,”  we passed a dilapidated brick church and found ourselves in a parking lot that was surrounded by clear skies.  It was the kind of overlook that made you want to do your forms/yoga.

IMG_20160315_090636 (1)




We leave the outlook and went in search for Bear Cave Trail.  On our way, we find a sign for a waterfall trail.   About 500 feet from the road, was a boardwalk that lead you to a waterfall cliff.  Looking below, we saw other hikers by the water’s edge where the waterfall emptied in to a pool.

20160315_122643Bear Cave Trail proved to be as easy or as hard of a trail as you like.  Large boulders and rocks begged for climbers and if you did, rewarded you with vast views at the top, but also provide a winding trail   around the rocks that lead to a superb outlook.  As we followed the trail, we would get a bit more daring and scaled bigger rocks.20160315_122320







20160315_122822\ 20160315_121921

We left Petit Jean State Park with a car full of snacks and headed for Oklahoma City (OKC).  Fifteen minutes into the ride, the kids zonked out in the car and slept the bulk of the way.  By 6pm, we dropped our stuff in the hotel room before exploring the downtown OKC area for dinner.  We were again pleasantly surprised to have immediately found a family restaurant within 10minutes of wandering.  Following a random group of people, we ended up at a kid friendly Mexican restaurant with high ceilings and reasonable prices, and really great chips!  We retired for the night back in the hotel room and spread out a bit more.  Ending our day once again with a shower/bath and a bedtime story.   We are starting to get our rhythm for the road.









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