23Mar 2016

Albuquerque is a beautiful city.  After breakfast at LePeeps, a familiar eatery from NJ (we didn’t even realize it was a chain restaurant), Owen and I were tempted to stay another day to ride the cable cars to Sandia Peak.  However, with a deadline to make it to Phoenix by the end of the day, […]

21Mar 2016

From Oklahoma City, we aimed to cross the Northern square part of Texas and stay the night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 540 miles away.  A good night’s rest, a hearty breakfast, and we were back on the road.  We witnessed the green, woody landscape in Oklahoma open up in to a vast horizon as we traveled […]

19Mar 2016

We left ATL (Atlanta) on 3/14/2016, the day after changing the clocks an hour ahead. Driving west, we realized the time zone changed, and by entering the Mountain time zone, we regained the hour we lost.  Driving practically all night, and then watching the sun rise above the horizon, we made our way to a […]

17Mar 2016

 We left Atlanta around 6pm estimating our arrival in Memphis, TN around midnight.  The kids took cat naps along the way until around dinner time, when we pulled up at a Chik-fil-a in Alabama to eat something more substantial than chips and fruit.  Walking in, the kids immediately spotted the playground section – PERFECT!  We never appreciated those […]

17Mar 2016

We initially planned to leave Atlanta after the morning rush hour traffic, however, even though Rizzy’s health had recovered fully, he was still feeling down about our move.  Therefore, we decided to postpone our departure to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  Upon entry, Rizzy was unimpressed saying that it was not as good as the one we […]

16Mar 2016

Saturday morning, Owen and Nyima went to Wai’s Kung Fu for training (while I stayed with Rizzy at the apartment). Wayne trained under Sibok Sunny Tang since the 80s and moved down to Atlanta from Canada five years ago.  Upon arriving at the club, Sifu Wayne conducted 8 rounds of traditional Chinese tea service.  Following this, […]

12Mar 2016

 On the second day of our trip, we wanted to develop the kids’ tolerance for life on the road.  We left Virginia late morning and bee lined to our next destination, Atlanta, GA 530 miles away.  We stopped a few times for gas, food, potty breaks and to stretch out our legs, and as much as […]

11Mar 2016

  Owen, Rizzy, Nyima and I started our road trip yesterday 3/10/2016.  Over the past month or so, we’ve started our goodbyes with friends and relatives as we prepared to move from Easton, PA to San Francisco, CA.  However, as the day to leave got closer, the goodbyes became harder, especially to those relationships with strong […]

10Dec 2015

    On the outskirts of the Canadian Rockies is a great city in Calgary.  Beautiful mountains on the horizon, the most  refreshing air I have ever experienced, and a mobilized society aiming to keep it that way.  Among the steady hum of this modern city there is a quiet perseverance in an ageless system facilitated by […]

21Oct 2015

In this past Summer’s issue of Wing Chun Illustrated, Simo Published an article on the Kuen Kuit and its implications in Chi Sao and our Kung Fu development in general.  The article is titled, “The Kuen Kuit Technique: Transforming Your Chi Sao.  Below is the opening page as it is displayed on      […]

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